Kazuhiro Imai

Active since 1982.
Guitarist and songwriter for Blow One's Cool, First Alert, Liquidscreen and Bid'ah.
In his teens he played in a band with Dr. Yasue of S.O.B. which lead to him illustrating for Seltic Frost which can be seen as a predecessor to S.O.B.
He later became known for the art work he provided for the S.O.B. albums "Leave Me Alone" and "Don't Be Swindle". Kazuhiro is a multi-talented artist who combines his understanding of music with his skills in design, collage and illustration.
He is also active in a variety of fields outside the punk scene, providing works for many events such as for famous butoh dancer and choreographer Akaji Maro.
Last year he continued to be very active in the art world on an international scale, with projects including designing the debut single for Septic Tank, formed by Lee Dorrian (ex-member of Napalm Death and Cathedral), and collaborating with skate brand Skull Skates.